Getting Started

Role Selection

To gain access to certain sections of the server you most likely need to select a role for yourself. The staff have (tediously) created roles that tie to specific channels and voice channels so that theres less clutter for users. To select a role please view the Self Assigning Roles Category.
This category has all the different types of role selection you will need for the server. Going to one of the channels (year, pronoun, club, or course) you will then need to click on one (or in some cases multiple) emojis that are under the message. By selecting one of these roles you will be pinged if there are any events or updates.
If you click on the emoji and do not recieve the role, then please give the Bot some time to provide you with the role.


The following are the server rules. Breaking any of the rules may result in a warning. Repeat offenses may result in a temporary ban or permanent ban.

1) Respect everyone and their opinion. We do not tolerate disrupting and/or offensive behavior, this includes: racist/sexist/insensitive remarks, trolling/baiting, spamming, doxxing, harassing other users, etc.
2) No discussions of recent political figures, political ideologies or politically motivated topics, all of which are both insensitive and inappropriate. Discussions of current events at UCSB such as vaccine mandates and the housing crisis are permitted.
3) Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. Classes will be set to read only during their respective final exam hours. Any use of this server to communicate or gain access to information during an exam is prohibited.
4) Impersonating a professor or another user is strictly prohibited.
5) No posting of discord invites is allowed. Please contact mods if you have a server you would like to share.
6) Rules are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

An Inclusive and Respectful Climate

The following is from the Physics Department

Working and studying together is a crucial part of learning. The Physics Department wants everyone to feel welcomed and respected in class, in the lab, in study groups, and in the Physics Department building.
Comments reflecting stereotypes based on ethnic background, religion, gender, or sexual orientation are always inappropriate , whether they be compliments, insults, or jokes. Their effects can be demeaning, demoralizing, or dehumanizing, even when not intended to be so.
People who experience harassment (which includes persistent, unwanted attention) or discrimination may not feel comfortable reporting it. If you are unsure what behavior qualifies or what the repercussions of reporting would be, you can reach out to several strictly confidential offices on Campus to unpack and review your concerns. The Office of the Ombuds (at or at 805-893-3285), the Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE) office (at or at the 24 hour hotline 805- 893-4613), the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) ( at or at 805-893-4411), and the Academic & Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) office (at or at 805-893-4613), can all provide assistance and can offer you strict confidentiality.
If you witness someone suffering from hazing or harassment, or if you have any concerns about the social climate in the department, you can help. You can speak up in the moment, or you can ask the target(s) of the behavior how they felt about the behavior they experienced, and let them know you feel the behavior was inappropriate. You can also report the behavior to Physics Department administrators and/or faculty members. Please be proactive and help ensure everyone gets the respect and courtesy they deserve.
If you find yourself avoiding department areas or in other ways curtailing your learning opportunities because of someone else’s behavior, please report the behavior to Physics Department administrators and/or a faculty member. We want to help.
Any faculty or staff member you feel comfortable approaching is a good choice. You can find faculty in positions that may be particularly relevant to the behavior you witness or experience at Staff members in relevant positions might include

Jean Dill and Earnest Cooper Jr - Staff Advisors, Undergraduates - x4567, rooms 3019C&D,
Jennifer Farrar - Staff Advisor, Graduate Students - x4646, room 3019F,

To report hazing or harassment to someone outside the Department, you may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance at , or the Office of Judicial Affairs at .