Current Events

YouTube Lab Tours!

Study Grinds
During this quarter we will be going around to different Labs on campus to share with everyone the research that happens. Follow our YouTube Channel to view our virtual tours.

AMA Podcasts!

Join us when we have our AMA Podcast where students can ask any questions to professors, faculty, or students. We will record and post the events so that if you want your question to be answered, just leave a comment and watch it later. Hope yall like it!

AMA Text Channels!

Text Channels
Similar to our AMA Podcast, join us in the Text Channels to ask professors, faculty, or students your burning questions. Unlike the AMA Podcasts this format is more chill and relax. These Text Channels will be archived after the event ends so that you can come back and re-read them later.

Past Events

AMA Podcast with Dr. B

AMA Podcast with Dr. Omer Blaes

Game Nights

Game Nights
In the past we have created Games Nights where we join together to play games such as Among Us, Jackbox, Minecraft, and many more. Currently, we are doing game nights with! This allows you to interact with other students while roaming around a virtual space. Gather Town uses your microphone and web camera to turn on automatically when you get near someone within the virtual space. Our Gather Town is equipped with a variety of games and we are continually experimenting with new functionality such as whiteboards and music. Come join us and have fun!