• Provide a direction and vision for the club for the academic year
  • Delegate tasks to the other officers
  • Completing tasks to ensure the discord runs smoothly




  • Maintain detailed records of staff meetings.
  • Write emails, announcements, and the faculty newsletter.
  • Coordinate specific needs or requests of faculty members and the department.




  • Record and handle all organizational monetary transactions.
  • Maintain accurate hard and soft records of any transactions for three years.
  • Assist the development and implementation of fundraising activities that promote financial opportunities.

Bot Developer

Bot Developer


  • Improve and maintain discord bots.
  • Write emails, announcements, and the faculty newsletter.
  • Shall assist Admins with an introduction to a new bot (if needed).



Benito, Dylan, Jacob, Philip

  • Are responsible for community management.
  • Shall assist Admins in ensuring that the Discord remains up to UCSB Physics Department Standards.
  • They will have the following permissions: Kick Members, Manage Nicknames, Mute Members, Deafen Members, Move Members, Use Voice Activity, Priority Speaker.

Mission Statment

UCSB Physics Discord is dedicated to forming and maintaining an online platform that integrates all aspects of the UCSB Physics undergraduate and graduate education into one cohesive online community.

Active Projects


Website Construction
We are hard at work to bring you an easy way to access information about our server without joining directly. We understand that Discord might be new to some users, which is why we believe that creating this website can provide students and faculty a one stop shop to learn more about us. Thank you for checking us out and we can't wait to see yall at our events or to just hang out!

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

We are constantly trying to create AMAs that provide students with new information or insights about a field of physics. We have done many professor AMAs that we stream on Twitch and upload it to YouTube (you can check it out here). We are testing out a new AMA with Upperclassman so tell us how we did!

Graduate Application

Graduate Application
One of longest (and toughest) projects is creating a unique grad app forum that provides more helpfulness than giving students imposter syndome. We have naively experimented once before but quickly learned how difficult it is to implent. We are carefully developing a new system that attempts to as inclusive as possible. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!

If you have any ideas, let us know in the server!

Previous Officers